PressPlay Cinema, LLC is a streaming, interactive company that empowers artists in their path to success. How? Simple, we meet, discuss, and negotiate with other creators over new ways to support our community TOGETHER, in one place. Our goal is to dare and inspire the mass of artists worldwide, to not solely rely on big company hiring opportunities to continue growing presence, and creating beautiful, interesting, fun, exciting art. These are the services we provide;

  • With your YouTube link, we provide your project advertisement through all social media outlets. How? when people visit (through company advertisement), they will have free access to your YouTube video by clicking on your project’s poster, title, interview. These views will be documented by your account, incentivizing your chances to make a profit out of your creations, and increase in subscribers.
  • Network, all creator’s profiles are attached to the caption of their projects, if you’re interested in getting to know more about their art, click away! This has connected many people, and inspired them to meet up and do their own projects TOGETHER. If you can’t find them, you can simply contact us, we’ll connect you with them.
  • Interviews, when your creations inspire; PressPlay Cinema personally contacts artists within our community, and offer podcast interviews, YouTube live Interviews, and/or blog articles!
  • Collaboration, PressPlay Cinema is a company that focuses in keeping the artistic mind developing. We contact artists within our community to work with us, and create original PressPlay Cinema, LLC content in its personal YouTube Channel.
  • Apparel, visit our shop and enjoy our apparel. Support an amazing cause by personally promoting our site. The more traffic we can get, the more opportunities of exposure.
  • Advertising, for a fee, we will promote your artistic services in our website. All you have to do, is visit the submissions page and follow the instructions, rates are displayed as well. We also conduct random visits to different local events, and distribute brochures, posters, stickers.
  • Festivals, we conduct an annual online film festival to bring new, fresh content to our streaming website. We are a growing company, so we look forward to evolve into in-person film festivals in the near future, which will be taking place in Detroit, Michigan. Contestants will sign up for a chance to win, prizes, interviews, awards, and more!
  • Community, we are here for you, you will not be dismissed without proper constructive criticism. We care about our community and our artists. Members are always connected, and ready to lend a hand if you have a creator’s block or need advice.

Are you ready to dare to inspire?

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